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The membership that gives as you go.

trundl is the UK’s only non-competitive membership subscription for people of all ages and physical abilities who are motivated to get more active outdoors by giving to charity (without having to raise the funds themselves!)

trundl Walking App | Mobile Screens

All for just £3.99*

  • Enjoy an easy and ad-free walking app that has a giving twist.
  • Feel part of an ongoing charity drive without having to raise the funds as trundl donates a minimum of 10% of revenue every month to the Community trundls
  • Help the environment and your health by swapping car-rides for trundls.
  • Feel proud and be rewarded for your progress.
  • All for just £3.99 a month* for an ad-free, upsell-free cheering experience.
    *Pricing for first 1500 Founder Members, cancel at any time through the app
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