Walks for charity

Here's how we donate

Through the app you can select one, some or all of our charity partners. Every month trundl donates £100 and a minimum of 10% of our income towards upcoming Community trundls, split according to members’ selections. 

Generous brand partners sponsor extra donations to motivate the community to press GO on the app and add their walking to the charity goals. 

It’s a win-win all round.

Donations made by our brand partners are paid directly to the charity themselves. trundlrs are notified of all donations including those of brand partners via our monthly newsletter.

We follow the UK Fundraising Regulator guidelines.

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Become a trundlr

Join trundl and you become a valuable member of a walking-for-charity community without having to raise the funds yourself.
All trundl steps add up to great strides for your health and some important outdoor and mobility charities.
So download the app and get ready to trundl today!
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