Walking for Charity?

How it works

Like all things in life, trundl is about give and take. For just £3.99 a month*, you give to important causes as you go about your life, and you take away a daily feeling of doing good for yourself and others in a way that’s both affordable, and immensely rewarding. See how the magic happens:

(*monthly fee of £3.99 is for the first 1500 Founder Members.  Cancel at any time through the app)

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you go...

Whether it’s a trip to the shops, a short walk for rehab, a stroll with the dog or a hike in the hills, all steps with the trundl app add up for your health and towards good causes.

The easy-to-use app lets you set, map and keep track of walking goals and see your personal contribution to the charity Community trundls.

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we give...

Through the app you can select one, some or all of our charity partners. Every month trundl will donate a minimum of £100 towards upcoming Community trundls, plus an additional 10% of income is split according to members’ selections.

Generous brand partners give extra donations to motivate the community to add their walking steps for all of the charity goals. 

It’s a win-win all round.

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you get...

Did we say win-win? Actually, it’s a triple-whammy with trundl

In the GET section of the trundl app you’ll see how your trundling efforts are recognised through a variety of cheering badge rewards.

You’ll also find exclusive offers from our brand partners.  We’re working hard to forge some great outdoor and trundling-related partnerships so that we can help trundlrs regain the cost of their membership through offers on the app.

Heard enough? Let’s get ready to trundl !

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trundl - the app that
gives as you go!

It doesn’t matter how far or how fast you want to go, when you press GO trundling on our easy-to-use app and head outside for a trundl, you’ll be doing yourself and others a world of good.
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