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The app membership that gives as you go

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Join trundl and you become a valuable member of a walking for charity community without having to raise the funds yourself.

All trundl steps add up to great strides for your health and some important outdoor and mobility charities. Explore the website and get ready to trundl today!

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You go...

No matter how far or how fast you go, the trundl app helps you track, record and reward your walking progress

...we give...

And as part of a growing trundl community, all steps add up to more charity donations from trundl and brand partners get

Be rewarded for your positive steps: trundl badges celebrate progress and partner offers bring great value, with no ads or upsell

trundl is for all walkers and all walks of life

A trundl can be anything you want it to be – a walk in the park or a country hike count of course, but you can also repurpose trips to the shops, dog-walks, commutes or the school-run into regular trundls.
And it doesn’t matter if you’re recovering from injury or not able to go far; everyone’s steps add up to create a positive impact for yourself and brilliant causes.

Charity really does begin at home...

(…then goes out the door, down the road, round the park and back home again).
To trundl is a real win-win. Do good for yourself, yes, but you’re also teaming up with the trundl community to do good things for wildlife and environment protection and mobility, disability and mental health support. When you go; we give!
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trundl Walking App | Mobile Screen

Say hello to our kind brand partners

We’ve partnered up with these brilliant brands to give you great offers and some will boost our donations too. All part of our triple whammy Go Give Get membership promise.

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*donations and member offers

*member offers

*member offers

Take your phone for a stroll not a scroll

  • Enjoy an easy and ad-free outdoor walking app that has a giving twist.
  • Feel part of an ongoing charity drive without having to raise the funds as trundl donates a minimum of 10% of income every month to our Community trundls and we have brand partners who donate too.
  • Help the environment and your health by swapping car-rides for trundls.
  • Feel proud and be rewarded for your progress.
  • All for just £3.99 a month* for an ad-free, upsell-free cheering experience. *Pricing for first 1500 Founder Members, cancel at any time through the app.
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